Daily Complaint Log: The Heat Is On

In blatant disregard of the “Welcome Autumn” garden flag hanging from my house, nature flaghas decided to blast us with an eyeball-melting level of heat today (did Mother Nature NOT SEE the frolicking kitten in the colored leaves?). This is a problem not only for the middle schooler who must attend school without air conditioning, which she is not complaining about AT ALL (insert eye rolling here), but I must continue my quest to produce the BEST FALL FEST EVER for El Sierra. How am I supposed to think about fall things when I just saw a squirrel liquify before my very eyes (author’s note: that didn’t really happen. I’m exaggerating.) Not to mention the fact I have to go to the aforementioned middle school tonight, after the hormonal preteens have spent the day stinking it up with their malaise and righteous indignation, to hear about the upcoming 8th grade trip to Washington, DC. That reminds me, I have a form to fill out.

Other forms I have to fill out: orchestra registration (I’ve tried, but it says I need to register before I can register so I tried to register but I haven’t heard back because I need approval from… someone… to register. So I can register. That really happened) along with ordering the orchestra book. I also need to drop off the Fall Fest flyer, create an online Fall Fest volunteer form so I can torture other parents with forms to fill out, write up something that will somehow inspire parents to create one-of-a-kind fall themed wreaths to auction off at Fall Fest, write up a newsletter story about Fall Fest, and something something bake sale at Fall Fest. Fall Fest Fever: Catch It!

I also need to tell The Lady at Mount Carmel I need to pick up my teaching materials early and cannot attend the opening catechist’s meeting because I have a PTA meeting on Thursday. I’m sure this will thrill her to no end. I did not want to teach this year, but it was the only way to escape the 11:30 class/noon Mass dilemma we were put in because I didn’t FILL OUT THE FORMS for 9:30/10 am Mass in time. Forms and I have a problem with each other. So now we’re going Monday nights, with me teaching. Crap.

Anyways, that’s my Daily Complaint Log. Tune in later for Moxie’s “Tales from the Walking Trail” and the “Gladys Kravitz Report from Outside My Window.” I am still figuring out how to do stuff on this thing, so please be patient while I am in my improvement phase.


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3 Responses to Daily Complaint Log: The Heat Is On

  1. Lisa mccormick says:

    When you’re done with all that, can you please update my resume? I need it for an interview this weekend. Thanks!

  2. Genene Murphy says:

    Brilliant. All of this. And that.

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