Tales from the Walking Trail, by Moxie Puppypants

Greetings, Humans! It’s Moxie Puppypants.

moxieMistress finally let me to take her to the park today. She said it was “too hot” yesterday. It is NEVER too hot to go to a place filled with such wonderful smells and succulent grasses to nibble, not to mention being able to finally enjoy the freedom to tinkle freely and announce to the world “YES, I am ALIVE, and my name is MOXIE PUPPYPANTS! Smell my urine, inferiors!”  I’m just glad we went today. My park is the best park.

For one thing, my park is no ordinary park. It is an award winning park parksignand I can walk to it on my own four paws instead of climbing into the metal box that still (to me) smells faintly of the stick of butter I ate (label and all) as a puppy and then threw up onto the carpet of the metal box. We were all young once.

But there has to be rules, because you never know when someone will bring a rabid chihuahua or that one poodle who tried to bite me in the face.

leashsignFor instance, all humans must be kept on a leash. This only makes sense, since they are always dawdling and falling behind. Honestly, if I did not keep pulling her onward, I believe my mistress would make no forward progress at all. And then, when I stop to sniff the exquisite leavings of the local possum or partake of a delicate  new growth of grass, she keeps moving as if she hadn’t noticed I had stopped at all! She does tug on me in an uncomfortable manner at times like that, but you really can’t blame her; she’s only human and I love her. Good thing she’s tethered to me so she doesn’t get lost.

Today, most of the leaves looked like this:


Except for this guy:


I saw 2 dead cicadas:


And someone drew this on the path:


That is all for today’s report. I am all hot and panty now. I will let you know what else I see tomorrow.


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I threw off the yoke of corporate oppression for the apron of domestic aggression
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One Response to Tales from the Walking Trail, by Moxie Puppypants

  1. Lisa mccormick says:

    Moxie, your cousin Barnaby would’ve LOVED those dead cicadas! He burrows that long snout in the grass, and comes up chewing, which then grosses out the humans named Lisa and Caroline. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

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