Tales from the Walking Trail by Moxie Puppypants

IMG_0108Greetings, humans!

Today I am using my sad face, because only one good thing and several not good things happened on my walk today.

The good thing that happened is our friend Mary* came with us. This is what she looks like:

maryThe first bad thing happened right away. Some big dumb dopey rude dog (I didn’t recognize him) left a big dumb dopey pile of rude in the middle of the walking trail. The VERY MIDDLE. I was appalled and embarrassed for doggykind. Mistress picked it up and friend Mary put it in a nearby garbage can, because as you know, it IS garbage day. When all our best smelling stuff gets taken away.

The second bad thing that happened is when my mistress said a very hurtful thing to me. I was about to very nearly catch a squirrel (I’ve seen this one before. I call him “Licehead” because he’s full of lice) when my leash jerked me back at the last moment, and mistress said, “Moxie, you’re not going to catch a squirrel! You’re too slow.”

I need a moment to regain my composure. It still stings.

The third bad thing is we saw Friend Marge, but she was too far ahead to pet my head. I know she’s sad about that because she always pets my head, and that’s how I know she enjoys doing it. So mostly that’s a bad thing for her, because she didn’t get the chance to pet my head.

The fourth and final bad thing we saw was loud, noisy, scary monsters blocking the trail. Humans were trying to stuff tree trunks in one of their mouths, I can only assume as a sacrifice to try to keep it from devouring the whole neighborhood. I was terrified! There were three of them, so I guess you could consider them an army of monsters. If you see them coming to your neighborhood, run away as quick as you can! You probably won’t have a tree trunk handy to stave off their hunger. This is what they looked like:

chipperand this:

truck2and the third one looked like this:

truckThat is all for today. Stay safe from monsters!

*editor’s note: Mary also brought tomatoes and basil from her garden, and since I already happen to have fresh mozzarella in my refrigerator, dinner is saved! Thanks, Mary!


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One Response to Tales from the Walking Trail by Moxie Puppypants

  1. Marge says:

    Friend Marge does always enjoy petting your head !

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