It’s a Day. Just a Day. Nothing to See Here. Move Along.

gladysSo today is my birthday, and not one of you has been kind enough to walk past my window naked so I have something to blog about. And you call yourselves my friends. Wait, do you?

I am guessing (actually knowing would require me to put on real pants and get up out of my chair, so that’s not going to happen for a while. Shut up! It’s my birthday) that the house on the corner sold. You know, the one FACING Fairmount. It has had bright pink surveyor flags staked out for more than a week, and now the For Sale sign is gone. My Sherlock-like brain has brilliantly deduced that this means the house sold.

I should go over there to make sure they are block party friendly. They are replacing a key block party family. The man who used to live there designed Happy Meal toys for a living and always contributed a sackful of toys for prizes, plus they had an adorable little boy (aged 3 now) who was an enthusiastic fan of even my dopiest attempts at frivolity, and they just had a second baby who I’m sure would have been just a big a fan.

Who knows what these new people are like. It could be Grumpy Gramps McGrumperson, the meanest man ever to escape Dr. Glum’s Retirement Home for Miserly Misanthropes. It could be the Snooterson family from Snobbington, Delaware who’s idea of fun is folding napkins and setting a proper table to enjoy a repast of tepid tap water and lima beans. This could be a disaster of epic proportions!

On the other hand, it could be a family who owns a bounce house and carnival concession rental company, who have a karaoke machine and portable tiki bar they bring outside for parties. The possibilities are endless!

But since we are on the topic of block parties (as loathe as I am to talk about them), I want to gauge interest in a neighborhood Halloween party the weekend immediately prior. Because if you all want one, I’m going to have to clean out my garage.

Because I know how to party, I will be helping out at Market Day later in the school gym. I hope to see you soon.



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