Adventures in Lunchmaking

SkippyAdSome questions came to mind as I was making lunch for my younger daughter today. One, how many days in a row can children eat peanut butter sandwiches before health consequences set in? And what are those health consequences? Please don’t tell me it’s teeth falling out, because I’m spending a buttload of money on orthodontia. I do not recommend getting two (or more) children braces at the same time, by the way (be strong and say, “I’m sorry, Bucky, but it’s your older brother’s turn this year. You’ll just have to wait until he’s done.”) Also, I had no idea this was a thing. I have never seen it, and I go to the grocery store a LOT. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places.

Next came “fruit break.” Now that they make seedless purple grapes (is making everything seedless really a good idea? I’m not a botanist, so I really don’t know) I put those in her lunch. After washing them, because while my daughters love fruit, they do not wash it, ever. Another example of how This Generation is soooo much lazier than Our Generation.  Anyways, I love grapes, so I also ate a couple myself before putting them in the baggie. Which raised the question: what do grapes taste like, anyways? I only tasted grapes that tasted like real grapes  at the French Market in Wheaton in September 2000. It was so exciting, I remember it clearly. Those grapes had seeds, by the way.

But what about green, red, and now purple seedless grapes? They are sweet, and nice, and I like them. But they do not taste like “grape.”

And then I put a couple Oreos in there, because I want my daughter to love me.

Tomorrow is Fun Lunch, so at least one of my daughters will have cheese pizza instead of peanut butter one day.  She can be the control in my experiment to discover the long-term affects of daily peanut butter intake.


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