Fall Fest Ate My Brain: One Woman’s Tragic Story of Survival

brain-eatersSometimes, my daughters borrow my laptop and fail to shut down whatever resource-intensive game they had been playing, but it’s open in a separate window they’ve helpfully hidden BEHIND my open browser window, so that my machine is painfully slow but I don’t know why until I discover some teenage wizards whose outfits you can change lurking in another open browser, because if there’s one thing a teenage witch or wizard cares about, it’s what color sparkly hat he or she is wearing while casting spells. (Hint: it’s very often purple.)

That is what Fall Fest is to my brain, a constant whir of to-do’s spinning behind everything, interfering with the normal day to day operation of my household. BUT NOT TODAY.  Today, I vow to do laundry, sweep up the dog hair tumbleweeds, and go to the grocery store. After I clean out the fridge. There WILL BE ORDER, despite the fact I haven’t found a pumpkin or apple pie supplier yet. Although I do need to get some receipts together and fill out a reimbursement form.

Also, I need to go over to my parents’ house to rotate all the photos my sister-in-law emailed them of their new siding 180 degrees, because they’re all upside down. Believe me, it’s much easier to just go over there than to try to help them over the phone at 9:30 at night. I wish I could take this moment to tell my parents NOT to call me at 9:30 at night, but then hang up once I answer the phone.  This tends to make me think SOMETHING IS WRONG. And not the kind of something that can wait until morning, as upside-down-photos clearly can. However, they are quite clearly not reading this right now. Or ever.

Remember to buy Tootsie Rolls from the Knights of Columbus today. And I will try to remember to walk Moxie. But someone’s dropping stuff off for Fall Fest this morning, then I have to meet someone else this afternoon who has prizes for Fall Fest, and I need to go through the volunteer and donation spreadsheets to see what’s covered and what’s not, and I need to drop off all the wreaths for Fall Fest… figure out pumpkin mini golf course…bake sale ideas… raffle prizes… losing… grip… help…



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2 Responses to Fall Fest Ate My Brain: One Woman’s Tragic Story of Survival

  1. Lisa mccormick says:

    Oy, sorry about that. I blame Michael. :). I will re-send to them in hopes they are right side up this time.

  2. susiecarroll says:

    I really don’t think we can blame you for this.

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