More News You Can Use

  • newsThere is a multi-family garage sale on Fairmount between Claremont and the school today and tomorrow. Depending on your opinion of garage sales and their accompanying traffic, either rush on over or avoid the area like the plague.
  • You probably already noticed Lemont Road is still down to one lane between Valley View and 63rd.
  • They are out of lemons at Ultra Foods. How does that happen? Also, I saw Shannon at Ultra Foods today. She says the student council election speeches were just peachy and that she got them on video. I don’t think she used the word “peachy,” but we were in the lemon-less produce section at the time, so that’s what I’m going to say she said.
  • Fasano Pies of Downers Grove is donating apple pies and face-throwing pies for Fall Fest so everyone should buy their delicious pies and love them forever.
  • I hate cranberry juice but I’m drinking it anyways.
  • Kansas Nick bought a Tootsie Roll at 75th & Lemont Road this morning.
  • I am going over to see my parents’ new siding and play cards and eat lunch. They live in Woodridge, not our neighborhood, otherwise I’d post pictures and invite you over to take a look. They solved their own picture dilemma.
  • That is all.

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One Response to More News You Can Use

  1. Wait. When did this happen? This is AWESOME. That’ll learn me to stay off of Facebook. Now I’ve got some catching up to do. News from the Meadowcroft subdivision (I swear that’s what it says on my title): neighbors on the parking side of the street secretly resent those of us on the non-parking side and glare at our visitors that park in front of their houses. I’m counting on you to blow the lid off of this. You’re welcome.

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