Tales from the Walking Trail: First Day of Fall Edition

moxieGreetings, humans! It’s me again; Moxie.

The last couple of times I went on my walk, the smallish human Meghan took me. She doesn’t take pictures for me, like Mistress does, so I couldn’t tell you my stories those days. But don’t you dare say a bad word about my smallish human Meghan, even if she can’t take pictures, because I will bite your face. Off. All the way off. ALL. THE. WAY.


Now that we have that out of the way, today was a special day because it is the first day of fall (the stupid cats call it “autumn,” because they are stuck up and think they are so fancy and smart. I guess they don’t know they are mostly disposable and I only let them live here because the smallish human Maura loves them so much. I do not know why.) Also, Master came with us today. Here’s what he looks like:


But even though it is the first day of fall, the leaves still looked mostly like this:

921treealthough a couple of them are starting to look like this:

921chgtreeThe mini golf is still open, although only on weekends. Some people were playing today. That’s not a real man in there.

921minigolfBut then we were coming out of the park, and we saw something! Something that could be important, but we don’t know! We saw a man come out of this truck:

921civilengIt says “Civil Engineering” on it!

He was using this thing!

921surveyand we saw this thing in the grass at the entrance to the park!


We think that engineer man put it there. But why? WHY? I do not like change. Or loud noises. And that man could be doing BOTH OF THOSE THINGS in MY PARK.

My Award-Winning Park, where I walk and chase fleabag squirrels and (later this fall) poop machine geese.

Then, we saw another pink thing, this time between Neighbor George and Neighbor Mike’s houses:


That is on the way to MY HOUSE. Where I LIVE.

I demand answers to why this civil engineering man is painting things pink and looking at things through his … thing.


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