Abner! It’s Babies! They’re EVERYWHERE!

gladysI wouldn’t be such a Gladys Kravitz if I didn’t live two doors down from the pedestrian entrance to the park. Everyone walks (or jogs, or bikes, or rolls, or stumbles) past my house en route to the park. It provides me the opportunity to note neighborhood trends. And this summer, I noted one. Folks, we are in the midst of an El Sierra Neighborhood Baby Boom, I am very excited and happy to say.

When we moved here from Wheaton way back in ’04, we found a bunch of new families with kids around the same age as our own (now 10 and 13, then 15 months and almost 4). Even now, you can look down Blackstone and see that age group running around  playing hockey in the street. It seemed like for a while the neighborhood kinda coasted, baby production-wise. Babies were born here and there, but mostly (it seems from my perch by my window) into existing families.

This summer, I saw a LOT of new strollers pass by with new moms and dads I didn’t know. You could even call it a CONSTANT STREAM. I know the house across from the Cozzi’s facing Fairmount sold recently, and they have an “It’s a Boy!” sign outside. I also know some new families moved in on Fairmount, including (as I noted earlier) the house on my corner.

This is why we need a neighborhood family Halloween Party. Please stay tuned for details. Fun for ALL AGES (which means we’re sticking the teens and pre-teens in the backyard with a DJ. Because they don’t like us and we don’t like them. We’ll throw bags of Cheetos and some cans of soda back there to shut them up.)

Bring on the new families! And the old families! All the families!


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