Breaking News: NO, CARLSON’S! NOT YOU!

Cinda posted this on facebook:

photo credit: Cinda Lester

photo credit: Cinda Lester

I am really, really sad. Unbelievable.

UPDATE PART II: Downtown Downers Grove got back to me. No one has signed a lease there yet, but it’s such a nice location I’m betting there’s a lot of interest there. I am sad because I am the mom of art girls, and Carlson’s was such a great store. We bought our youngest a real easel there for Christmas last year. However, I have high hopes that something good will go in.

A new children’s clothes shop called Charlie and Grace is scheduled to open soon on Curtiss. According to their Facebook page, they had a pre-opening on September 19.

I love our little downtown. It’s one of the reasons we moved here. Pretty soon it will be time to paint windows and eat pancakes at Ballydoyle’s HGNA breakfast. Check out Downtown Downer’s Grove What’s Happening page for details. The Girl’s Night Out is on there, too. If only Fall Fest wasn’t eating my brain… maybe I’ll make time to go.

UPDATE: I contacted the Downtown Downers Grove Management Corporation to see if they had any word on if the Carlson’s location would be empty for a while or if another establishment was already on board to take over the space, but I haven’t heard back from them. I did see that a Girl’s Night Out was scheduled for Thursday, October 3 from 5 to 9 pm. I’ve never checked one of those out, but it looks like you can get some good deals and it might be fun.


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