Tales from the Walking Trail by Moxie Puppypants

Moxie Puppypants

Moxie Puppypants

Greetings, humans! It’s me, Moxie.

Today was a good day for two reasons: one, I got to walk to pick up smallish human Meghan at the place where all the smallish humans go, that one building that smells like sandwiches and sounds like screaming.

Two, I got to go to my award-winning park where I leave my smells all over the place so that all dogs everywhere know that the park is belonging to me, and everything in it is belonging to me, even the fleabag, lying, cheating, useless, mean, stupid but possibly very delicious in a greasy stringy way, squirrels.

Even better, Master took me to the park! You remember Master, right? This is a good thing because he can take pictures for me when I need him to. The only problem is he takes things from far, far away.

image (5)

He has many other fine skills. Like throwing things far, and wrestling with me, and making his shoes smell really, really good.

Before we even got into the park, we saw the boys playing down the street:

image (4)

I wish I could go and play with them someday. They are always throwing things in the air and catching them or hitting things with sticks.

Also, here are people playing soccer. I think.

image (6)That is all for today. I will go to a new and different park tomorrow.



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