Sunday Showdown: Gluten Free Crackers

Lots of people are jumping on the gluten free bandwagon. I didn’t so much jump on the bandwagon as I was dragged kicking and screaming onto it due to my Hashimoto’s (once you have one autoimmune disease, you’re prone to developing others. Where will the spinning wheel of conditions land next?  C’mon, rheumatoid arthritis! Oh, no! It’s slowing down near lupus… keep going… keep going…)*

Anyways, as my body steadily marches toward Celiac disease, I found myself “gluten intolerant.” Which is very sad, because I am very pasta and pizza and cookie tolerant. Enamored, even. Lucky for me, this developed after the gluten-free fad was launched by people who think they can look like Gwyneth Paltrow if they just stop eating bread. Responding to this crowd of not-at-all-delusional people, food companies have been churning out gluten-free options like the History Channel churns out shows about aliens. Which means nearly continuously.

So the gluten free pasta I can buy is pretty indistinguishable from the wheat-based variety, even if it is usually three times as expensive. But bread? No luck so far. What about crackers? I thought I would taste test two brands side by side:

IMG_0224I bought the Rice Thins at Ultra Foods and the Glutino at Shop and Save. I suppose it would be good if I had the prices I paid for each, but I really hadn’t planned on writing about this until just now. The Rice Thins were cheaper, but there’s about an ounce more of crackers in the Glutino box.


Texture: neither texture was unpleasant, but they were different. The Rice Thins were very crispy, almost with a hard, shiny exterior like those Japanese crackers you find in some bar mixes.  The Glutinos were like a thick, denser version of a Ritz cracker. The Rice Thins tasted better right out of the box. But what about with cheese on top?

IMG_0226I put some Boar’s Head provolone (purchased at Shop and Save) atop each. This time, the Glutino took the advantage. It tasted more like a classic cheese-and-cracker. Although it does not have the airier texture of a Ritz or a Town House; it was more like those Carr’s crackers you put out for company or bring to someone’s house so you don’t poison them with those delicious, delicious partially hydrogenated oils.

So, the verdict is: Rice Thins straight from the box all by themselves, Glutino for when you want to put something on top of them.

I hope this helps if Gwyneth Paltrow calls to say she’s on her way over to your house and you need to run to the store for a snack.

*None of these conditions are funny. I shouldn’t joke about them. 




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