The Halloweening Has Begun

photo (9)Greetings, humans! It’s Moxie. There is something different about me; do you see it? I am wearing fancy Halloween clothes! It has little jingly bells on it. I am the fanciest dog in all the neighborhood. Snuffy will be so jealous when he sees me.

Yesterday, Mistress and I went into the garage to clean it out because the men in the big smelly truck are coming to take our most precious belongings away. Because it was also the first day of October, we also put out our Halloween decorations. We put them out to say, “You! Scary thing! We are not scared of you! We put things like you on sticks in our front yard! So if you don’t want to wind up on a stick in our front yard, you should just keep walking!” And it must work, because scary things never come to bother us.

Here are some of the things we did:

photo (11)I don’t know what that lady could do with skinny arms like that. She’s not so scary.

photo (8)This guy is scary because he’s both a ghost AND a Dracula. Wait, does that make him less scary?

photo (10)This guy is very tall. I don’t know what he’s pointing at. The neighbor’s house? He’s either saying “I’m going to eat neighbor Mary” or “Let’s all eat neighbor Mary.” Either way, that’s neighbor Mary’s problem.

photo (12)I honestly don’t know what this is.

photo (13)Then we changed our flag

photo (14)and now our front door looks like this. We have more scary things to put up when the smallish humans dress up like scary things and come to our door for treats, but we save them so they are surprised.

I love Halloween. I even wrote about it before, when I had my own blog.





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