Sirens and Lights on Fairmount Tonight

firepoliceems_logosI know my neighbors and I irritated the members of our local law enforcement and emergency services providers tonight.

There were ambulances, fire trucks and police cars located at various points along Fairmount and at the corner of Blackstone and 67th, at the back pedestrian park entrance. All we civilians could see was someone walking (lurching) south down Fairmount, then getting detained first by the fire department (who came upon her first), then the police came to talk to her. It was not one of our fellow residents. It was very dark out, too.

We weren’t in the way, but the very act of us congregating and talking amongst ourselves on the sidewalks and to our neighbors in cars who slowed down, rolled down their windows and asked “What’s going on?” was bothering the professionals. I understand why.

But I hope they understand that when we see two or three police cars guarding the back entrance to the park, we get concerned. We have families. We want to know who’s loose in our neighborhood and what he or she might do. We were already a bit on edge from all the strangers converging on our neighborhood because of Amnesty Day, dropping their pants. Luckily, it wasn’t anything that put any of us at risk. Other than that, and to say it isn’t an ongoing concern or danger to us, I don’t want to speculate about what happened. It was just something out of the ordinary that caused some commotion on a mild fall night when we could all comfortably come out of our houses and chat outside on our lawns.


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