If All My Plans Are For Naught, I Know Who to Blame

After months of planning, poring over every detail, meticulously considering how to maximize fun while minimizing expenses, harnessing the massive power of the PTA and coercing friends and neighbors to volunteer, Fall Fest is tomorrow.

And it is expected to thunderstorm. If that happens, and we have to curtail some things and shove everyone into the gym and shift Caine’s Arcade into the library, there is only one man to blame:


Tom_Skilling_-_WGN_991This man has been ruining plans for decades. Perhaps centuries, or even eons. We have no real way of knowing how far back his evil weather manipulation stretches. At least as far back as the mustard yellow sport coat era:

Skilling_35Now, just like the devil and Karl Rove, Tom Skilling has a demented group of twisted followers who think he’s wonderful.

arena_p2_tomPoor, deluded fools. Or maniacal sociopaths dedicating themselves to diabolical overlord. Whichever.

This guy and I know the truth, that Tom Skilling ruins everything for everyone everytime everyplace. He’s a monster, a beast, and just a big jerk who controls the weather and makes it terrible.

Here he is encouraging scientists to become mad scientists and destroy the earth with homemade black holes and stuff:


I hate him.

Unless it turns out the storms pass us by and everything turns out as planned. Then he’s okay with me.





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I threw off the yoke of corporate oppression for the apron of domestic aggression
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