Tuesday Fast Facts

Don't look, Ethel!

Don’t look, Ethel!

Eggo Pumpkin Spice Waffles were consumed by the household’s children this morning. Suck it, Tony!

Today is Tutu Tuesday, a new and utterly unnecessary complication introduced into our lives this year. I wish the school would have “Wear whatever you find and shut up about it” Day. Every day. Did you know grandmas of neighborhood children have been pressed into service making tutus? Haven’t our nation’s seniors suffered enough?

It is also Day of a Thousand Carpools day, but today’s Fairmount experience is not at all unpleasant because it is only for the 5th grade orchestra students. Unlike Thursday’s DGCC experience, when 2/3 of Downers Grove is packed into one block of condensed mayhem. So you can all relax and stop worrying about how I will survive it all, which is how most of you spend your free time, I imagine.

Gloves were worn by youngest today, not because the walk to school is cold, but because the chains on the swings are cold during recess.

I will be writing my Fall Fest thank-you’s today, so be prepared to be THANKED. Profusely. Unless you did nothing to help me, in which case I still say “thanks a lot,” except in a whiny, sarcastic way.

The house doesn’t smell like skunk anymore. That went away pretty much by Monday morning. Did I tell you Moxie got skunked on Sunday night, right about dinner time? I didn’t? Well, she did. It was more of a side-skunking, not a full frontal. We immediately did the hydrogen peroxide-baking soda-dish soap thing, which really works. And do you know what my house smells like now? Pumpkin spice.

Suck it, Tony.


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3 Responses to Tuesday Fast Facts

  1. nickseam says:

    Pumpkin Spice is not a thing. What your house actually smells like is cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and allspice.

  2. nickseam says:

    I mean, it is a family company.

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