PTA Executive Board Meeting Prevents Local Woman from Attending Night at the Firehouse

As has become custom during Fire Prevention Week, our local Station 5 Firehouse located adjacent to McCollum park played host to Night at the Firehouse. They give demonstrations, have an open house, answer questions, give you cookies, things like that. It’s really nice, for people who can go. Like Commissioner Greg Hose. But not me. (cue sad violins and insert picture of me clutching a hanky while I reluctantly listen to Laurene Bluder talk about restaurant fundraising nights at the PTA board meeting and sigh.)

Luckily, Commissioner Hose took pictures and is sharing them with us so we can all see what happened at our neighborhood fire house last night (or relive the moment if you were able to go) All commentary on the pictures is from the Commissioner:



“This model room went from ignition to flashover in about 3.5 min. The room with a sprinkler system lost a couple of items and got wet.” (from a simulation demonstrating the effectiveness of sprinklers. Conclusion: pretty darn effective)

fire2“DG’s Chief Jackson taking part in the ‘fashion show’ at Night at the Firehouse.” Fashion show, you say? Get Tim Gunn on the phone!


“This wasn’t a convertible. But it is now.” Did they show the Jaws of Life? I LOVE the Jaws of Life.

The sad thing is, I would have gone by myself anyways because my daughters are getting “too old” for this. And “too old” for a lot of things. Time marches onward. But I still remember my oldest talking about Fireman Dale, pictured here from the Fire Department Website, coming to her school.


Fireman Dale taught them all sorts of useful things, like about making an escape plan, and Learn Not to Burn, and Stop, Drop and Roll, and the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet. A few years ago, we saw Fireman Dale riding a bike when we went for a walk in the park. He wasn’t wearing a helmet. You can bet my oldest daughter called him out on it. He looked chagrined.

It’s okay, Fireman Dale. She does it to me ALL the TIME.



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2 Responses to PTA Executive Board Meeting Prevents Local Woman from Attending Night at the Firehouse

  1. Rose (El Sierra PTA President) says:

    Oh the guilt. Here I am thinking about your sacrifice to attend last night’s meeting. Trying to remember your sad face… but i couldn’t find a memory that didn’t either have you sipping from a glass of wine or giggling while discussing zucchini races! Rough night you poor thing!

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