I Managed to Go to Chili’s Without Cheating on My Husband

CheatersAtPlay1020111SThe Chili’s on 75th Street will donate 10 percent of your bill to El Sierra (go Bobcats!) if you dine there any time during this entire four day weekend. (You can also just drink margaritas there until you pass out in a pool of your own neon-green vomit. Just make sure you’re holding your credit card and one of these coupons in your hand when you do it. Chilis0001)

I paid cash when I took Miss Meghan there last night, because I didn’t want Rich to see a charge from Chili’s on the bank statement and start divorce proceedings, because it is a known fact that Chili’s is the restaurant of choice for adulterers.

This known fact, known mostly just to Rich and me, stems from the fact we used to watch Cheaters when it first came on the TV (don’t judge me! You people used to watch Pants off Dance Off, I just know it!) and honest to God, 90 percent of the time the people were caught with a styrofoam container with a giant chili pepper stamped onto it in their hands, coming out of the restaurant.

Now, I’m not going so far as to suggest Chili’s realizes they have cornered this lucrative market. But they did implement that whole $20 for 2 thing, making it very easy to pay cash and hide the expense from a spouse. So I’m not saying they DON’T know, either.

What I AM saying is that Chili’s is both a great family-friendly restaurant that supports children’s education, so go there this weekend with the coupon and raise lots of money for our local school, and is also a nice “date” spot. Either way, bring your damn coupon.


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