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This Saturday is your last chance in 2013 to get your healthy food shopping done at our Downtown Downers Grove Market. Hours are  7 am to 12:30 pm in theDowners Grove Main Street Train Station South Parking Lot off Burlington Avenue.

Even bigger stuff is happening the following weekend. From Downtown Downers Grove Management’s “What’s Happening” page:

Helping Girls Navigate Adolescence Pancake Breakfast.

You will see a lot of Downers Grove leaders here, so if you want the chance to yell at your village council representative, the school superintendent, or the pastor of your church, now’s your chance. And I do mean YELL, because it gets wonderfully noisy and boisterous in there.

October 26 (Saturday) 8-11 am at Ballydoyle Restaurant and Bar
Cost: Adults $6, Children $3 and Children under 2 years of age are FREE!

Halloween Window Painting

This is a charming tradition that goes back decades. In fact, if anyone knows how long this has been happening, I would love to know. My research has come up empty. The 50’s or 60’s, I’m guessing?

Anyways, if you bring a nonperishable food donation for the F.I.S.H. Pantry, event sponsors Downers Grove Rotary Club and Downtown Downers Grove Management will provide you with paint; pick it up  at 933 A Curtiss Street.  Bring your own brushes or other equipment. And gloves. Trust me; icy cold hands don’t paint well. And paper plates for paint mixing, because they don’t give you orange and you’re going to need orange, right? You have to mix red and yellow together.

No registration is required.

The event runs from 9am-1pm on October 26 (Saturday).

Halloween Costume Parade Sponsored by the Noon Lions Club

Meet at the parking lost west of the Main Street Train Station (across from Caribou Coffee) in costume at 12:30 pm. The Downers Grove Noon Lions Club costume parade proceeds down Main Street to Fishel Park.

October 27 (Sunday) 12:30-1:30 pm

Safe Trick-or-Treating

After the parade, kids trick-or-treat at  participating downtown merchants.  This year, Herrick Middle School Drama Club will be miming in the windows of downtown businesses. What will they be miming? Show up and find out!

October 27 (Sunday). No end time given; while stores are open and while candy supplies last?

Also happening on Saturday, October 26: the Downers Grove Historical Society will present its fourth annual Living Cemetery event from 10 am. to noon at the Main Street Cemetery, which is sandwiched between Main Street and Fishel Park.

During Living Cemetery, a cast of costumed actors will portray the figures of various ages and walks of life buried in the cemetery. Actors will tell the tales of the historical figure’s life in old Downers Grove.

That’s what’s happening in Downtown Downers. More about our own neighborhood later.


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9 Responses to Buzz About Town

  1. nickseam says:

    How do pancakes help girls navigate adolescence? Are there birth control pills in the batter?

  2. Jeanne says:

    Only if you dress up like a little girl.

  3. Carol Morency says:

    I painted windows in the very late 1970s or early 1980s, so I can vouch for the event going back that far. I will have to pick through slides if you want to see my day-glo alien.

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