Scary Things. Like Robert Crown Center Field Trips. Fright Fest Food Prices. And Trying to Find the Perfect Halloween Appetizer

Yesterday, El Sierra fifth graders went to the Robert Crown Center, ostensibly to learn a bit about all the weird things that are going on in their bodies right now. But to hear THEM tell it, it was the single most terrifying and uncomfortable event in their lives. Until next year, when they have to hear even MORE about those body parts, only with boys and girls MIXED TOGETHER, which is apparently worse somehow. Exponentially.

To keep the terror level going, we took the girls to Fright Fest last night. To keep the terror level down, we went to the Culver’s right outside the park for dinner instead of facing the soul-destroying, justice defying, bank account-crumbling food prices at Great America. How are there not counselors waiting outside the gates to help people cope with the violations heaped upon them at the concession stand?

We had loads of fun (predictably) even if my oldest is immune to the scary performers there:

mauraclownMore satisfying shrieks could be heard from the younger one, who was targeted by just about every ghoul and beastie around. The best was the burlap-faced scarecrow, to whom my husband helpfully whispered her name. “Meghan!” he hissed.

“How did you know my name?” She asked in a wavering voice.

“Maybe it’s on your shirt!” (she looked down) “And she looks! Don’t you remember what clothes you put on today?” At which point she just started running, and he chased her around in a circle gleefully shouting “And I didn’t even have to set her on fire!” We tried to take a picture, but there’s just this sort of purple blur.

I love Fright Fest.

Anyway, we’re going to a Halloween Party tonight. Parents only! In your FACE, offspring! (As if they wanted to go to a party where people talked about things like “how’s that lactose free milk working out for you? better?” At least, that’s what I imagine they think we talk about, because that’s what I asked my husband this morning. Instead, last year I found out one of my straight-laced neighbors, some sort of IT director or something, was a big Wendy O Williams fan in college and wouldn’t miss a show if she came in town)

Where was I?

Oh yeah, I said I would bring a gluten-free appetizer tonight. To the Pinterest!



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2 Responses to Scary Things. Like Robert Crown Center Field Trips. Fright Fest Food Prices. And Trying to Find the Perfect Halloween Appetizer

  1. nickseam says:

    I can’t believe I missed the Newman’s Halloween party. Stupid New York.

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