KidWorld Digest

meghanread And now, news from the kids, about the kids, for the kids:

  • In fashion news, one local parent became alarmed when all pants started ending two inches above the ankle, a condition popularly known as “floods” in 1970’s vernacular and a cause of social contempt and/or isolation. After rushing out to buy two new pairs of pants at a local retail outlet, the parent noticed something when her child reached up to retrieve a glass out of the cabinet this morning: her child has been PURPOSEFULLY SHORTENING the length of her pants by hoisting them up and tying off the waistband with a rubber band.

While the practice of shortening longer t-shirts by tying off the bottom with a rubber band is known to parents, this new pants shortening technique was unexpected.

The practice of wearing two different colored socks has continued unabated, to the delight of millions.

  • In Food News: one daddy bite equals 4 Meghan bites. Related: putting peanut butter between two Pumpkin Spice Eggo waffles and making a breakfast sandwich is delicious.

Suck it, Tony.

  • If you parents sign up for Nextdoor El Sierra social networking, and I strongly suggest you do as it’s a great resource for word-of-mouth recommendations and and neighborhood info, you can add yourself to the trick or treating map that tells kids where to find treats. If you’ve already signed up, add yourself so you don’t look like a grump who’s just begging to be TP’d.
  • Speaking of Halloween, weather is supposed to rebound back into the mid-50’s for next week’s El Sierra Halloween Costume Parade and trick or treating. So buck up, bucky!
  • From neighbor Rita Carlson, who has four kids and knows about these things:
    Children’s Clothing Resale!!!!
    Fri. 6-9 Sat. 8-11
    Lester School. DG
    I both buy and sell at this one every year!! They screen each item for stains, holes, buttons, zippers, etc. AWESOME SALE!
    No kids are allowed in on Friday night. Age 12 and up only. They have a juniors section too!!!

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One Response to KidWorld Digest

  1. nickseam says:

    And remember parents, there’s nothing wrong with books, floss or raisins as halloween treats.

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