I found a perfect circle made up of five dog food pieces on the floor of my dining room today. Before I could grab my phone to snap a photo, Moxie ate one of them and disturbed the circle she had built (you can kinda see the slobber mark in the picture).

IMG_0262She then proceeded to carry the nugget into the living room, toss it in the air and pretend to wrestle with it before she ate it. She did that with each of the other four pieces. Then she went back into the kitchen and ate the rest of her dog food as if none of this had happened and all of this was completely normal.

Should I be worried?

Speaking of things to be worried about, right now floating around your neighborhood school are strep throat, mononucleosis ([Classmate Name Redacted] has Nomo, mom), and something that causes children to leave the lunchroom, go home with grandma, and throw up. And those are just the things we know about.

Also, my husband has succumbed to disease. Be careful out there.


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