Tales from the Walking Trail: I Chase My First Geese of the Season

Moxie Puppypants

Moxie Puppypants

Greetings, Humans! It’s Moxie.

Today I went for a walk, but it was not in my award-winning park right near my house. Which is just as well, because the last time I went for a walk there, we saw a little white poodle. I crouched down like I do when I see a dachshund or a small terrier or any of the other doggies who are shorter than me, to let them know I am a friend and have no interest in biting their faces off. And the poodles owner said it was okay for the poodle to come over to have a sniff, because “she’s friendly.”

Well, that man has a different idea about what friendly means than me, because the poodle tried to bite my face off! Luckily, I just had to lift my chin, slightly, and it was out of reach of her tiny chompers. This is the second time this has happened to me with shortie white poodles. Perhaps it is time to put them on the same list with chihuahuas. But I have met nice shortie white poodles in the past, whereas I have never met a nice chihuahua. Mostly because they are made from the devil’s poop. Or so I heard.

We did go to the other park in our neighborhood. It is not award-winning. It doesn’t even have a name (editor’s note: yes it does — Spring Park). It just has this sign:

IMG_0265The path is made out of stones instead of concrete. I don’t mind that.

IMG_0266There aren’t human play places there, either. Just a big bunch of nature that smells like a fox goes in there sometimes. It’s called “cattails,” because they get everything, like being able to jump up on the bed and the sofa and getting tuna from the can. It’s not fair.



But a very exciting thing happened then! Because it is a marshy water place, we saw geese! And when we see geese, it means I can be taken off my leash and chase them! So I did! And they flew away! And I was triumphant against them, because they are mean jerks who leave smelly green poops all over the place! And bad guys always lose! Do you see them flying away?

IMG_0271I think mommy was too slow to take a picture. But I did it! I chased them up into the air!

If you ever go to this park, it is mostly just a place to look at nature. There are some benches there for that.



Anyways, if you ever want to go there, I will show you where it is. You can walk there from my house. (or you can look up Spring Park on the Park District map.)




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3 Responses to Tales from the Walking Trail: I Chase My First Geese of the Season

  1. Rose LaRue-Slater says:

    Huh. I’ve seen this place before. Somewhere…

  2. nickseam says:

    We were overdue for a moxie post

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