Gladys Kravitz Report: Leaf Piles!

Abner! ABNER!

Abner! ABNER!

I’ve been waiting for more than a week for something exciting to happen outside my window, but nothing. One neighbor has a dog that pulls on his leash. The garbage man came. The mail lady continues to talk on her phone all day long.

I expect better from you people in the future. Can’t one of you get a unicycle or start playing the bagpipes or something?

I guess my own family will have to provide me with something to look at.

So this is happening: leaf piles.

IMG_0275IMG_0468But wait! Under cover of night is a mysterious white panel truck! What is it doing? Where is it going? He’s parked on the street with his back open. I’m grabbing my phone in case I need to call 9-1-1.



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I threw off the yoke of corporate oppression for the apron of domestic aggression
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