Downers Grub: Cookie Time Is Here

Cookies are difficult. Luckily, ugly ones taste just as good as pretty ones!

Cookies are difficult. Luckily, ugly ones taste just as good as pretty ones!

Today is  National Cookie Day. We are also in the middle of National Cookie Cutter Week. Besides bringing to light the fact we still don’t have a National Cookie Sheet Day nor a National Cooling Rack Month (gasp! what sort of nation ARE we?), it also lets us know it’s time to get busy baking.

A lot of families have their traditional cookies that MUST BE BAKED every year or it JUST ISN’T CHRISTMAS (cue sad little puppet girl singing “I’ll Have a Blue Christmas Without You“, complete with heart-wrenching tear sliding down her little Claymation face), but there’s always room to try something new as well. This year, like thousand of my fellow Pinterest junkies, I will be trying these white chocolate dipped cherry shortbread cookies this year, in addition to the must-bakes.

Of course, reigning supreme over all the Christmas must-bakes is the sugar cookie cutout, frosted and decorated to the hilt, and an absolute pain in the (expletive deleted.) I’m clearly not the only one who feels this way, and people keep trying to make  less painful recipes and processes, but there’s no avoiding the heartache. I have taken to replacing my traditional family cookie cutters (sob! But I love them! in theory) with sturdier Wilton Comfort Grip cookie cutters because I couldn’t stand the carnage of snapped off angel wings and Rudolf heads any longer. (By the way, you do know we have a Wilton store right at the corner of 75th & Lemont, right? Darien side, southeast corner of the intersection? It’s full of fun and exciting stuff and hard-to-find sprinkles and decorating supplies. And the national headquarters is right down 75th street and they have that big tent sale every year in June.)

Also it makes a huge mess every year. I still have frosting stuck in the grooves of a dining room chair or two, impossible to remove. But what are we to do? We MUST bake these, and they MUST be decorated by little hands that spill. It’s worth it to make the family happy, right?

I am thinking of trying to pre-make and freeze the cookie dough, but I say that every year and it never happens. Also, there are those recipes where you make kind of dough yet make 12 different cookies out of it. I’m thinking of trying that, too.

I don’t really have my own recipe for cookies; I get mine out of books or from websites. I’m not a cookie expert. But I did find this website that can help you troubleshoot problems. Scroll down; for some reason that one lady’s personal problem with her dried-out old cookies stays at the top of the page for some reason.

If anyone has a personal favorite cookie recipe, please leave it in the comment section. I’m always looking for suggestions.

Two more food notes: Ann Burrell is coming to Anderson’s tomorrow! And check out December’s other food celebration days. Noodle Ring day??!!


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3 Responses to Downers Grub: Cookie Time Is Here

  1. nickseam says:

    My favorite cookie recipe is Alton Brown’s choco chip recipe. You should put down a disposable tarp when it comes time to decorate sugar cookies.

    • susiecarroll says:

      Question: do you consider chocolate chip cookies a “Christmas” cookie, or do you think something has to be done (like add red and green sprinkles) to holiday them up? There’s no right or wrong answer; I’m just wondering how people feel about year-round cookies being used as “Christmas cookies.”

  2. nickseam says:

    I think any cookie is a christmas cookie if you make them around christmastime

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