Happy Superstitious New Year!

newyearsMy mom has some wacky superstitions. For example, dreaming about meat is a portent of evil. So is a song from the 50’s that starts with a “V” that I still can’t bring myself to say or type, so deeply ingrained is my genuine fear of it. (They play it in Italian restaurants and Chrysler made a car by the same name in the 70’s, prompting some ad agency to feature Ricardo Montalban singing the song in every commercial for it, so that whenever poor Ricardo would appear on TV my mother would shriek “RICH! CHANGE THE CHANNEL!” and my dad would have to jump up out of his recliner because in those days we didn’t have a remote control. Am I the only one with memories like this?)

Anyways, my mom also had a few useful superstitions. Like the one that says however things are or whoever you’re with on New Years, that’s how your year is going to be (unlike my mom’s other very peculiar and very specific superstitions, other people seem to have this one, too.) Now, while I don’t believe that is irrevocably true, like a curse or something where you you are doomed to live your life exactly how you lived New Year’s Eve or Day, it does make you evaluate things a bit. If the thought of putting up with something for a full year bothers you, why are you putting up with it now?

So, if you don’t want a full year of a messy house, why suffer one day? Clean it now. Sew that button on your coat. Take out your garbage. Shave your legs. Do it now. Why wait? Live the life you want, have the life you want, start the good habits you want to have, now.

This also helped me break up with a boyfriend I didn’t really want anymore. I didn’t want to spend a full year with him. When I thought about it that way, I didn’t want to spend another day with him. (Don’t feel bad for him; I was in high school. I’m sure he’s happily married now. After learning many important life lessons.)

And if you aren’t feeling up to tackling those things you want? Take care of yourself if you are sick. Get help for your depression if that’s what you need. Address your health issues. Get well and be well. (As for the bad boyfriend; nothing should prevent you for getting rid of that.)

 Completely unrelated aside: How’s the new ice rink at McCollum going? Is it re-frozen again? I really need to brave the cold and check it out. Does anyone have ladies size 7 ice skates my daughter can borrow?


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