2014 Is Great So Far. If I Only Knew Where to Recycle My Tree…

Fear not, real tree putter uppers! You need not even exit our neighborhood to recycle your Christmas tree. Our Park District has set up two recycling stations for used trees, and one is in our very own McCollum Park, in the north parking lot off 67th Street. That’s the one near the water tower and the fire station. It will be there through January 13th.

Information about that is here, along with ice skating info for our new McCollum Park ice rink and sled hill locations. The ice rink will be up through the last weekend of February. Several days of subzero temperatures are necessary to make the rink safe for skating, and flags are put up to advise you if it’s safe to skate or not. Just like traffic lights, green means go and red means stop. You can call ahead at (630) 963-0575 to check conditions, too.

And as we bid a fond farewell to another holiday season, let’s hear about it from the tree’s point of view:


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