Sad News From Downtown

From my friend Genene Johnson Murphy, who doesn’t live in our neighborhood but who shops at “our” Target instead of the one one by Yorktown so that qualifies her as a southsider and therefore one of our own, some sad news yesterday.

She was strolling downtown Downers Grove and saw this in the window of My Favorite Toy Store:

Photo courtesy of Genene Johnson Murphy, friend of the blog

Photo courtesy of Genene Johnson Murphy, friend of the blog

The sign reads “We are CLOSED. Thank you for your past support. We will miss YOU too.”

This appears to be sudden and unexpected. And unexplained. Although it is not reportedly due to any ill health on the owner’s part, so at least THAT is good news. But it’s still a sad mystery for now.

That store was (is?) an important anchor for the downtown, and a fun and playful one at that. During summer car shows, they always had something out on the sidewalk for kids to do. They were (are?) a vital part of the community and they will be missed (if, in fact, they are gone?).

Here’s hoping that spot stays filled by something just as wonderful, for the sake of our downtown. And our community as a whole.

UPDATE 9:45 am Friday January 3: The closing does appear to be permanent. I didn’t want to say for sure until I knew, because I didn’t want to hurt business for the store if it was to reopen. But it is closed, sadly. In better news, watch for news from Downtown Management about new stores opening soon in other locations, such as the Carlson’s space. And of course, whatever new business takes root in the spot of what will always remain Our Favorite Toy Store.


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2 Responses to Sad News From Downtown

  1. Stu says:

    That is sad news. The owner is a great guy. Please keep us informed as to what the reason was for the closing.

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