Ridiculous Cold Weather Behavior

In case you haven’t heard, it’s going to get so cold here starting tomorrow night that no one will even be able to jokingly ask “Cold enough for ya?” because the words will freeze midair, you will be able to actually see the letters form into solid ice, and they will clatter to the ground and break into shards. All cellular activity will cease and few, if any, will survive.

But schools may or may not close. We have to wait to hear Sunday night.

And I guarantee someone will still be jogging to the park. Because that still happens, even in a blizzard with 70 mile an hour winds. I have seen that happen with my very own Gladys Kravitz eyes.

Something else I saw with my own eyes yesterday in the Shop and Save parking lot:

Two rows of car sandwiches. I realize the snow can obscure the yellow parking spot lines, but upon exiting the vehicle, did the driver really NOT SEE that he/she had trapped someone?  It also made navigating the row extremely difficult for those driving through, because the back ends were sticking way out into the aisle.

I’m going to pretend all of those drivers were from Lemont or Bolingbrook or something. Surely none of MY neighbors would do such a thing.

It’s pretty easy to avoid being a comi-tragic cold weather anecdote. There are gobs of informative articles on the various media and internet to advise you of what to do during an extreme cold snap.  Here is one. When driving, neither slam on the brakes in terror nor hit the gas like a maniac. Moderation. Do not tailgate. Know what to do if you start skidding.

I also have one food-related cold-weather tip: make chicken stock. You can make a roast chicken for dinner or buy a rotisserie one or whatever you want, then take the carcass (and the old veggies, too. Skin and meat hanging on the bones is great) and stick it in the biggest pot you own and cover it in water and boil it until the liquid has reduced by half. This isn’t necessarily my recipe, but it sounds pretty standard. Making the stock will warm up the house (and steam up the windows, probably) plus hydrate the dry air, plus you will have the base for a homemade, nourishing, cold-curing chicken soup on hand if you need it.

Take good care of yourselves! If it’s any consolation, all of our ancestors were the ones smart enough to survive the ice age.


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