Things to Do When You’re Stuck in the House

couch-potatoIf you have younger and/or willing kids who enthusiastically participate in things, you can find lots of fun things to do today with this extra day off. (Do we still call it a “snow day” even though it’s really a “cold day?”) My double digit-aged children will likely spend the day watching Supernatural reruns, because cute guys, and playing video games.

To those of you pursing your lips into a prim line, raising your eyebrows and murmuring “screen time!”, I say YOU try living with them and see what YOU come up with. Also, they eat their vegetables, so you can’t have everything. Plus, I will probably get them to bake cookies today because chocolate is involved. The only thing better than cute guys.

Here are some things to do today that you probably don’t want to do, but should:

  • Put Christmas decorations away (may only apply to me. But this also involves moving the car out of the garage to get at the storage tubs, so I don’t know if this will happen.)
  • Be grateful. Our roads are plowed better than in the past. We have more entertainment options than in the past. We will not die from depleted firewood supplies.
  • Think of all the emergency workers out there, not limited just to our police and fire, but also the ComEd line workers, public works, plumbers, furnace repair people — anyone who is there when someone is scared and cold and facing a catastrophe. This also falls under “be grateful.”
  • Call and check on your elderly neighbors and relatives. If they are out of toilet paper or some other necessity, brave the cold and get it for them. You are far less likely to break a hip falling on the ice than they are. Also, some poor soul who works at the grocery store made it there today, you can, too. While you’re at it, call your neighbors with the new baby and see if they need diapers, too. Other than absolute necessities, though, stay home.
  • Keep water flowing through your pipes. This means your household plumbing, but also drink plenty of water. Cold weather means dry air.
  • If you do have to go outside, know the warning signs of hypothermia and frostbite. Don’t mess around and be vain about protecting yourself from the cold.

One of the best things about our neighborhood is we’re an actual neighborhood in the true sense of the word. We know each other. We take care of each other. It’s good to not be alone. If your furnace or power goes out, do not be hesitant to reach out to your neighbors.

kingcakeUPDATE: I just had an ephiphany! I can make a king cake today! I found a recipe.


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