Cabin Fever Makes Me Blue

We are on Day Two of School Shutdown (which makes day 16 since my daughters have received any sort of education. My younger one used the word “awesomesauce” yesterday, making me think the brain-draining situation is becoming dire. If either of them starts describing things as “bangin'” or “smokin'” or says “this is so MONEY!” like Guy Fieri, I’m calling in a specialist.)

Also, despite my best efforts, a sleepover happened. Although it was with one of my daughter’s more volume-controlled friends, so it wasn’t so bad.

But because we have a sleepover guest, that means I will actually make an actual breakfast food. We just had blueberry pancakes and bacon on Sunday, so I won’t make that. I only have 5 eggs left, since I made a pound cake yesterday in a bundt pan, topped it with green, yellow and purple sprinkles and pretended it was a king cake for Epiphany  (an ugly old Brazil nut stood in for the baby. We didn’t find it yet though.) So no frittatas or omelets or anything like that.

The answer is muffins. Blueberry muffins. Yes, we had blueberry pancakes and now we’re having blueberry muffins. I need to get a greater variety of frozen fruit.


You know you want one.

I linked to a recipe on I find that website a very dependable source with useable recipes made for home cooks in a home kitchen. In reality, I’ll probably use one from one of my cookbooks because I find using the laptop or iPad in the kitchen incompatible with the hot, sticky process of cooking. But that recipe sounds good. You might want to put a little water in the empty muffin tins (the recipe makes 18, muffin tins come in 12’s, so you’ll have 6 empty cups along for the ride.)

Happy day two of forced confinement! Try not to lose patience with one another! It will all be over soon…


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