Getting Our Grooves Back

I’m working on a Downers Grub for today, but I’m having a hard time facing the cold, dark morning without the warm, cheery glow of my Christmas tree to soften its cruelty. I will have it by this afternoon, when I’ve had time to readjust to harsh reality.

However, do you know what I’m not facing? Frozen or busted pipes. So I’m not going to even THINK of whining about ANYTHING.

I am regretting not watching that movie about Stella getting her groove back, though. It could’ve given me some pointers. Didn’t it involve a tropical location and a hot young man serving her cocktails on a beach? That sounds like it might work.

While I wait for the coffee to snap me back into full consciousness please enjoy this restorative 1970’s dance hit.


About susiecarroll

I threw off the yoke of corporate oppression for the apron of domestic aggression
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