Happy Garbage Day! Wait, It’s Not Garbage Day!

Along with (almost) everybody else, trash collectors were ordered to stay home on Monday due to the extreme weather. Thus, as in weeks containing a holiday, garbage will be picked up one day later. If you’ve already taken your garbage down to the curb, don’t worry (or place an indignant phone call) if it’s not picked up until tomorrow. Because it won’t be picked up until tomorrow.

Also, Christmas trees will not be picked up until next week. If you already have a tree at the curb, you can leave it there until next week. Better yet, recycle it in the park through January 13.

As for people who had to not only go out into the frigid weather, but were responsible for mitigating the effects of it for the rest of us, read what I lifted off our  Village’s Facebook Page about what our fantastic firefighters did for our primo public works employees:

firechiefOf Ice and Men: Sharing the Warmth

Updated on Tuesday

Members of the Downers Grove Fire Department treated colleagues from Public Works on their lunch break to a hot, homemade meal today. Public Works crews have been in constant 24-hour operations, working 12-hour shifts since December 31, 2013. Gotta love it!

Pretty nice, huh? And I don’t just mean the “Of Ice and Men” headline.

In cosmic news, we may be able to see the Northern Lights tonight! Or may not. But it’s worth a look, right?

In more down-to-earth news, there’s an El Sierra PTA meeting tonight at 7 pm in the LRC.

That’s all for now. Remember, the roads and sidewalks still have some packed snow and/or ice on them, so drive, walk, jog, bike and roller skate carefully.


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