Train in Vain? What a Pain

sadSome people moved to Downers Grove because we are served by Metra. We have THREE stations here! And once upon a time, like prior to 2000, Metra was absolutely awesome. Rock solid. Dependable. On time.

Then we had corruption and more corruption. People in places like Texas and Nebraska got involved. And now we’re left with a train service that is not the wonder it once was. The recent bad weather has made that all too clear.

State representative Ron Sandack (former mayor of Downers Grove) announced on Facebook and Twitter this morning that he “intend(s) to speak with colleagues in both the House and Senate about possibly scheduling hearings to ascertain more information about the service problems Metra is experiencing. It seems it is more than weather related.” We’ll see if that helps.

Another thing I remember: Jane Byrne’s crazy PR stunt when she moved into Cabrini Green. Despite everyone groaning at how obviously controlled her little experiment was, and debate about whether or not it was a disaster, it represents a time when politicians were willing to at least pretend they were interested in knowing how their constituents actually lived. I know Representative Sandack uses or has used Metra (I saw him on there with my very own eyes) so I know he has a measure of empathy for commuters.

What about the people on Metra’s board? Do they suffer along with the other commuters? Maybe they do; I don’t know.  But maybe they should pull a PR stunt and suffer on an icy platform waiting for a train that may or may not come, with buttons on their coats identifying them as Metra leadership so people can talk to them about their concerns. Then, when they walk into their board meetings, they will be more prepared to discuss the issues facing commuters. 


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