Too Many Things Happening. Head Explosion Possible.

There are so many things going on that have very little in relation to one another, so I’m just going to print them here in bullet point fashion along with a nostalgic yet terrifying video that pulls together two other things linked only by the thinnest of things in common:

  • First, two of the three public schools serving our neighborhood decided to announce new principals AFTER my “School Buzz” column earlier this week. I certainly hope they are more considerate of my feelings next time and time their announcements accordingly. El Sierra will be getting Mr. Lynde from Herrick (and Herrick parents L-O-V-E him, so it sounds like we’re getting a good deal); you can meet him at the March 13 board meeting. And Downers South named a new principal, too, but I know less about him. Hopefully we’ll learn more.
  • Next, this isn’t really news, but it is something I’d like to see addressed. It’s bothered me for almost 10 years now. The Park District will meticulously plow and de-ice the McCollum Park parking lots, which mostly remain unused in the winter (now that the skating rink is there, that’s changed, but still) while the walking trail is a treacherous ankle-breaking impassable sheet of ice interspersed with frigid pools of half-frozen water.From my Gladys Kravitz perch, I can tell you that many people (besides myself and beloved Picayune columnist Moxie Puppypants) continue to use the trail in winter, but they are all neighborhood people who walk there. I realize upkeep may be difficult and not budgeted for, but it’s really frustrating to see the people actually USING the park suffering, while those beautiful unused parking lots taunt us with their safety and emptiness.
  • I have a Pierce Downer Heritage Alliance meeting tonight. This organization is dedicated to preserving the natural and cultural charms of Downers Grove. Two of their biggest successes was saving Lyman Woods and Belmont Woods for future generations. Those places are abuzz with activity! My challenge tonight is to help plan a nature walk (with wildflowers) while being so ignorant about flora that I am dangerous. I have negative gardening skills; I kill things. Not on purpose. But if any of you have suggestions for or an interest in a Wildflower Walk and would like to give me advice or suggestions, please do so.Also, someone asked me if Pierce Downer was, in fact, a downer. Like Debbie Downer. Judging from his picture, I don’t have high hopes for his sense of whimsy.
    piercedowner_portrait_mediumBut the 1800’s was not a time of whimsy. I blame Herman Melville.
  • Our 81st District Illinois House election race is turning ugly. I am very disappointed in the media’s lack of questions I want answered and instead they seem focused on the two candidates’ reactions to one another. If I were a real journalist I might do something about that.
  • We found out the last day of school will now be June 10 to make up for the cold day cancellations we had (was it just last week??!! Holy cow!) which means the block party date will have to be June 14 instead of June 7. I had my first stress nightmare about the block party last night; I forgot to buy watermelons or water balloons, I didn’t order the water slide and my husband had set up the whole thing in OUR BACK YARD. I woke up in a cold sweat. My stomach is cramping up just thinking about it.

Sorry for the long post, if you’ve read this far. If you have, I will bake you a cookie.


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6 Responses to Too Many Things Happening. Head Explosion Possible.

  1. nickseam says:

    I don’t even get my name printed. what an outrage!

  2. Rose (El Sierra PTA President) says:

    I want my cookie. Preferably without refined sugar please. 🙂

  3. I vote yes for the wildflower walk. I try to get there at least once in the spring to catch the bluebells, jack-in-the-pulpits and trillium explosion, but a guided walk would be fun.

    Also, do you think it would help to have North Siders ask about making the McCollum path safer? We use it too, and a plowed outdoor walking path in the winter would be great. I don’t do indoor tracks…

    • susiecarroll says:

      We’re working on the Wildflower Walk. So I will make sure you get the info. As for the trail, I think it certainly would help to have as many people as possible ask about it. Consider that I haven’t gone to a Park District meeting in years, I suppose this would be a great time to go.

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