Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Do they still make "Dream Whip?" That could be my food thing for today. I feel sadly under-commercialized.

Do they still make “Dream Whip?” That could be my food thing for today. I feel sadly under-commercialized.

”Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think.”

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When it comes to holidays, we Americans want to keep what we’re celebrating neat and simple. The concept can’t be too difficult to grasp, nor too nebulous, we prefer it to commemorate one moment, and one “thing.” We also prefer being able to buy, sell or eat something specific in conjunction with it.

That’s why Memorial Day and Labor Day have evolved into celebrating the beginning and end of summer, with barbecues. The original reasons for those holidays are too depressing (Memorial Day) or too uncomfortable/too vague (Labor Day.) Forget it; let’s eat a hot dog! Who needs to buy some propane and a styrofoam cooler for a picnic?

(At this point, I’m hoping everyone reading this understands sarcasm. If you don’t, you probably shouldn’t be reading this blog. In general. Not just this post. Anyways…)

So far, no one has been able to find a commercial purpose for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. They are, however, reducing down why we have this holiday: the “I Have a Dream Speech,” which school kids may believe is the only speech MLK, Jr. ever had to make, because after he delivered it Civil Rights Legislation was IMMEDIATELY enacted when everyone’s hearts were changed upon hearing it. Like the Grinch when he heard the Whos in Whoville singing. And all racism (toward people of African descent, anyways) magically disappeared. Hooray!

It also conveniently reduces the Civil Rights movement down to ending segregation, which was something about telling people where they could sit on a bus. But now anyone can sit anywhere on a bus, even someone eating a raw onion out of a piece of tinfoil who hasn’t bathed since 1982. Hooray?

Now that we’ve boiled Martin Luther King, Jr. down into an easy-to-digest nugget, all we need to do is design some decorations and figure out what food we should eat.

I find this very sad, but inevitable. We’ve done it for every other holiday or celebration. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It is very easy to read the many, many speeches and quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr. as well what the Civil Rights Act covers and why it became a law. It might make you uncomfortable, but so does gorging yourself to the point the elastic waistband pops off your pants after Thanksgiving dinner, and you don’t let that stop you from stuffing yourself. Because that’s what Thanksgiving is all about, right?


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