Too Cool for School?

winterFor the second time this year, and by year I mean 2014 which started only 25 days ago, school may possibly close due to the cold. Parents received an email yesterday informing us that District 58 is “monitoring the situation” and will let us know. I don’t know about District 99, because I don’t have a high-schooler yet, but freshman orientation is scheduled at DGS for Monday night so I’d like to know.

But nobody is freaking out about the cold snap this time. They’re complaining about it on Facebook and such, but in more of a shoulder-shrugging “whaddya gonna do about it?” way, not an “OH MY GOD CLEAR THE GROCERY SHELVES! DON’T LET YOUR PIPES FREEZE! SAVE US! SAVE US! WHY WON’T SOMEBODY SAVE US!” kind of way, like it was on January 6. Now, it’s “You’re going to close the school because it’s going to be -18 on Monday? What do you think this is this, Florida?”

I’ve noticed that’s par for the course in the Chicago area. The FIRST big snowfall of the season or the FIRST deep freeze is the only time we seem to care. After that, it’s time to buck up, bucky. We can’t close school/panic/put gas in our cars every time the wind blows, you know. Even if that second snowfall is much bigger or that second deep freeze is much colder (which thankfully this time it’s NOT, but still.)

I’m hoping people aren’t too nonchalant, though. Cleaning up after a burst pipe is no fun. If you’d like details on just how not fun it is, I can put you in touch with some people in this very neighborhood who had to deal with it last time.


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