Cancelled Due to Continuing Winter

Today-Has-Been-Cancelled-PillowcaseHere is a list of things that were supposed to happen this week so far, but didn’t/won’t due to weather cancellation:

  • School (2 days)
  • Work (Tuesday only)
  • Religious Ed
  • DGS Freshman Orientation
  • Art Appreciation
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences for 5th grade (teacher holding them one week early due to rapidly approaching maternity leave)
  • Makeup geometry final for 8th grader
  • Violin lessons
  • Yard patrol (Moxie only)
  • Walks in the park

Even the most faithful walkers/joggers have not been going past my window this morning.

However, I am guessing the ice rink in McCollum is VERY SOLID. So there’s that.

I am happy they decided to close the office today; my car had a difficult time starting at 5 pm yesterday out in the parking lot, and I almost lost traction a couple of times on icy spots on the road.  I am just as happy to stay home and bake banana chocolate chip muffins and watch my DVR’d Downton Abbey and Sherlock episodes from Sunday.

I hope you stay safe and warm today.


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I threw off the yoke of corporate oppression for the apron of domestic aggression
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