Raindrops on Yard Waste and Dead Leaves in Storm Drains

We went to see “The Sound of Music” with Billy Zane in it this weekend, so I still have songs stuck in my head. Because I don’t live in a lush Alpine Austrian wonderland, I have to adapt the words to my everyday life.

So, yard waste. We did the FRONT yard spring cleanup this weekend, including putting down 32 bags of mulch and filling up 5 yard waste bags with dead leaves and sticks. They were very light on Saturday, but let’s see what happens after day after dreary day of rain has turned them into sodden greenjeanssacks of drudgery. Then Mr. Green Jeans called me on the phone to ask if yard waste pickup has even started yet.

Don’t worry, Mr. Green Jeans — it has.

It’s a good thing we did clean up all those dead leaves, because once again the village is calling upon us to clear the storm drains of such debris.  Sometimes I marvel at what exemplary citizens we are. I think our storm drains are the envy of other storm drains everywhere, seeing how clear they are. And my husband didn’t even have to go out there in his crocs and pajama pants this time! This, combined with the fact I use environmentally friendly dish detergent, are things I do to pretend I am a good person.

(visual break to introduce new subject matter)

Unrelated topic I’m going to mention regardless: you know what is coming up? The El Sierra PTA Rummage Sale. Don’t worry; Ill remind you about it.


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One Response to Raindrops on Yard Waste and Dead Leaves in Storm Drains

  1. monkeyinmaine says:

    I envy you your storm drains AND your rummage sale. (However I am sad to see the wardrobe change from crocs to more suitable storm drain cleaning footwear.) If you see a crystal lamp, circa 1940s, please let me know. Thank you.

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