Too Many Fundraisers? But So Much Need!

donorfatigueI think it’s great our middle schoolers are not only aware of what terrible things happen in the world outside our happy little suburban American bubble, but are willing to do something about it. If you can, you should go and help out.

Scarlet 8 Cluster Mongolian Grill Fundraiser

The emphasis is on “if you can.” Because every week, or sometimes every day, you are presented with an opportunity to print out a flyer and eat at a restaurant for a sports team, a school, a church youth group. Scout troops need our support. Band students are selling candy. And that’s just kid stuff.

Just a couple of weeks ago I was lasso-ing people for Career Day at El Sierra; now we need a week’s worth of Teacher Appreciation Week volunteers. Saturday is a fundraising Rummage Sale and Bake Sale. Then it will be time for Field Day and class picnics.

With most families needing two incomes to support a middle class lifestyle these days, the pool of available bodies is shrinking. Our disposable income isn’t looking so hot, either. Yet all these things are important and worthwhile, and need our support.

I don’t know what I’m suggesting here, other than I know that people are burnt out. I supposed some prim puritans out there might fold their arms and say, “Well, do you really NEED playground equipment? Do you really NEED a music department?”

Well, I suppose if you want to reduce life down to our basic needs, you could say that all we really NEED is a cave and access to firewood and potable water. The question is what is BEST for our kids, and that takes funding and able bodies.

Is our current system working? If not, or if it’s becoming unsustainable, what can we do to fix it?

Maybe we should have a fun run to finance a think tank to figure it out.


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