I Believe There’s Been a Breach of Fun Run Ettiquette

Abner! ABNER!

Abner! ABNER!

I can see a fun run massing outside my house, and police cars and golf carts are cruising around.

Yet I received no flyer to warn me of such an event.

There is a chance it was delivered but flew away in one of the many storms we’ve had, but if not… POOR FORM, race organizers, poor form.

Wait, it’s 7:52 and it looks like some people are crossing the finish line. What time did they make these poor people start this morning? Is this the Sadists Society Fun Run? It’s also freezing out there. I couldn’t even sit outside in my adirondack chair with a cup of coffee to watch, that’s how cold it is. Oh well.

Run, you crazy runners, run.

UPDATE: The vast majority of people are not running, they are strolling. Not even fast-walking, strolling. These are my kind of people.


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I threw off the yoke of corporate oppression for the apron of domestic aggression
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