Tales from the Walking Trail: Secret Messages!

Moxie Puppypants, author

Moxie Puppypants, author

Greetings, humans! It is Moxie.

Today Master took me for my walk in my awesome exciting award-winning park, and we found something extra exciting: human messages!

I am always finding messages in the park. Mostly they are things like “Daisy tinkled here” or “Snuffy tinkled here” or “Wrigley pooped here, and he ate lamb and rice kibble for dinner last night.” And then I have to tinkle on top of all of them, because THIS IS MY PARK, DAISY, and you BETTER GET THAT THROUGH YOUR DUMB THICK SKULL.

You too, Wrigley, with your fancy elitist vet-recommended food pellets!

But today, there were human messages! That said nice things in them, that were meant to make the other humans feel better! Like this one:


It says “Be Happy!” So I did that. I was happy. Can you see my happy face?

There was also this one:


I am always doing that one. But humans seem to need to be reminded to do that.

In other exciting news, the ducks are back. They were in my very own front yard.


Their names are Mr. and Mrs. Swampflapper. I don’t know their first names. They have their babies here every year. Master is afraid I would eat the fluffy little babies, but I would NEVER! I just want to sniff them a little.

Nobody trusts me.

That is all for today. I have to go relax.


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