School Buzz: iPad Minis Coming Soon to a Student Near You; Concert at O’Neill; DGS Veg-ges Out

Whether you have a kid in school or not, the health and strength of our public schools matters to your home values and our nation's future

Whether you have a kid in school or not, the health and strength of our public schools matters to your home values and our nation’s future

District 58 sent an email to El Sierra parents yesterday afternoon informing them that the 1:1 Tablet Program (iPad Minis) has been expanded to include all grades but kindergarten:

“After careful consideration, we are proud to announce that at El Sierra, students in grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 will have the opportunity to participate in the 1:1 program next year. In addition, students in kindergarten at El Sierra will also have access to technology and the associated learning experiences through the Learning Lab program, which allows them to have a 1:1 device for several weeks. All students at El Sierra will also continue to have access to the many laptops carts available at school.  Finally, if your student is a current 6th grader planning to attend 7th grade in District 58, he/she will also be part of the 1:1 program during next school year.”

That’s good news for parents who believe we need to prepare our students for technology and its future uses; bad news for parents who believe children should be using slates and chalk and bringing their lunch in a pail every day after they’re done collecting eggs and milking the cows. Yes, that was a snide editorial comment in support of the program.

Over at O’Neill, longtime music teacher Glen Sorgatz will be retiring after this year; last night was his last concert. Here he is from the back, directing his choir:


Non-El Sierra graduate Danny King playing the flute. Photo courtesy of Marge Mark

The orchestra and select band members also played (beautifully) last night. Including the theme from “Star Wars.” Every middle school orchestra/band should play Star Wars at least once.

Rumor has it Mr. Sorgatz will be replaced by a part-time instructor, but that rumor comes from the PTA meeting, courtesy of a former Fairmount parent. So take that as you will.

The rumor also speaks of an unnamed social studies teacher being forced to teach gym next year, too. It would be so easy to get out of that class. “What are the societal implications of me engaging in this athletic activity?” “If John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau were here right now, what would they have to say about how dodgeball reflects man’s innate savagery?” By asking the right questions, students could avoid breaking a sweat the entire year.

In high school news, The District 99 Education Foundation awarded grants to the high schools. Downers Grove South received funding for more hydroponic vertical window farms for their science classrooms.

“Discovering new ways to create sustainable farming is critical to meet the world’s growing demand for food,” says Lisa MacArtney, a science teacher at South High. “Harnessing our own resources by having biopionic farms in our classroom windows is opening up our students’ minds to future possibilities and solutions.”

Mr. Green Jeans couldn’t be reached for comment.greenjeans

Since the District 99 board just changed food service providers, these gardens could come in handy if the new food is unfit for human consumption. Although “teen consumption” and “human consumption” are often wildly different things.



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