Tales from the Walking Trail: Something NOISY.

Moxie Puppypants, author

Moxie Puppypants, author

Greetings, humans! Today, we heard something coming from the park and we wanted to investigate. And when you want to investigate something in the park, do you bring something dumb and useless like a cat? No, you bring the best dog possible. Which is me.

(Suck it, dumb Gizmo! Why don’t you go sit in your tent so everyone can laugh at you? Even the squirrels laugh at you.  To the chipmunks. They point with their evil little finger nubs and laugh and laugh!)

But we are not here to talk about dumb Gizmo today, even if he does have to sit in a tent when he goes outside, which is ridiculous. We saw something very noisy and it attracted a lot of humans so it must have been important. It was this!

It was some family’s reunion. I don’t know what that means but the humans seemed to enjoy it. Did you hear me at the end? I told them “Good job.” Because the humans were all happy.

But my mistress saw the three bouncy things and the drumming drummers and the popcorn machine and she got very anxious. She is afraid this family reunion might be better than the block party.

But I did not see a water slide. Or exploding watermelons. Or other things like a big movie screen or big bouncing racing balls, which are all things I see at the block party. So while this was a very nice family reunion, it was still not better than the best day of the year when food falls off of paper plates onto the ground right in front of me and smallish humans rub my silky ears all day and tell me I am a good girl.

I like it when people tell me I’m a good girl.


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