I’m a psyched as a spoon can be

Guest contributor: renowned block party mascot and bon vivant Spoonie

Guest contributor: renowned block party mascot and bon vivant Spoonie

Two weeks away!

We will need tables, a couple of pop-up picnic tents, a movie screen, an air compressor to inflate things, 2 liter soda bottles and/or liquor bottles for ring toss, and water balloons (pre-filled please). Also, if you have a bag toss (cornhole) game, you can bring that too. If you have a kiddie pool you’re not using, we can have it for splishing and splashing, too.

And photos! We want to see new babies, life milestones like graduations and weddings, any new home additions or snazzy landscapes, and especially photos of what the neighborhood USED to look like, from old-timers!

We already have: water slide/bounce house, face paint, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, kiddie pool filled with foam for sculpting or just sensory play, DJ, giant Jenga set, watermelons for exploding (and safety goggles!), kubb game (don’t know what it is? We’ll teach you!), large tent for food area, volleyball/badminton set (with light-up shuttlecocks for night time use), grills, a mayor to judge the pie contest, adult and kid sized hippity hops for racing, a tug of war rope, a photo booth (but it might blow away, so we’ll see. It’s the one we used at El Sierra.)

If you are interested in not missing certain things, the watermelons will be exploding around 3 pm. The pie judging takes place at 5 pm. The hippity hop races take place around 7. If the Blackhawks are playing, we’ll have the game up on 2 screens. If not, those screens will be used for an all-ages movie. Also, we will kick off with a ceremonial melting of the 2013-2014 winter snow.invite2014

If I’m missing anything, I’ll let you know.



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